Hazel Hummingbird: La Colibrí Hazel

Hazel Hummingbird: La Colibrí Hazel

The first book in the Mango Tales series is Hazel Hummingbird. It is a garden adventure for the whole family. Hazel starts her day in the waking garden, quickly flying here and there, making stops at her favourite flowers, bugs and bees, while children quietly gaze into the wonderful garden world. At the end of a good day, the children revel in the sunset and say goodbye so they can all settle down to rest. 

Pre-readers and Early Readers will enjoy: 

The Hummingbird 

Tropical Animals and Flowers



Hazel Hummingbird: La Colibrí Hazel, is written in English and Spanish, and vividly illustrated by Coretta Singer,a Swiss-born, Jamaican-grown, self-taught 3D animator, digital artist;  and Jerome Marshall, Jamaican-born and raised graphic designer, and Fine Arts graduate of Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts . 

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