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Hazel Hummingbird starts her day in the waking garden, quickly flying here and there, stopping at her favourite flowers. She works in perfect time with flowers, bugs, and bees, while children quietly gaze into the garden world. At the end of a good day, the children say goodbye so they can all settle down to rest. Join them on a tropical garden adventure.

Get your own copy of “Hazel Hummingbird: La Colibrí Hazel” in English and Spanish or “Hazel Hummingbird: Kolibri Hazel” in English and Haitian Creole in stores near you and online.

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You and the pre-readers and early readers in your life will enjoy:

The hummingbird

Tropical animals & flowers



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Watch out for updates on the release of Hazel Hummingbird music. And get ready for sweet Caribbean rhythms, fun lyrics and dancing along with songs that bring the story to life.

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